The Just Jess Story

It starts simply with a love for weddings, and who doesn’t love weddings? The gorgeous bride walking down the aisle bringing tears to everyone’s eyes; the beautiful vows announced to family and friends; the laughter from all the hilarious but heartfelt speeches from loved ones; the ceremonious first dance between husband and wife and the sharing of food and conversation that makes one unforgettable day!

When people change careers, there is usally a ‘light bulb moment’ of realisation. Something that triggers an emotion, a sense of enlightenment or the inspiration to make a change. For me, it was planning my own wedding. Ask anyone I know, I had been waiting for this day forever. The secret Pinterest board and for those born in the 80’s or earlier, the ol’ plastic sleeve folder with all my cutouts and ideas. The day had FINALLY arrived and I set myself the highest challenge, have the wedding on a property that is a blank canvas for 150 people. EASY!

I love to plan and create, so this was really fun for me and one by one I started ticking everything on my extensive checklist. We piled up all the props and decorations into a truck, strapped it up and were on our way to the beautiful Wollombi, NSW.

It took us a couple of days and many hands on deck to set it all up and all in all it looked fantastic. The night before the big day, it was time for me to say goodbye to my fiance and pray that he would execute all the ‘day-of’ stuff that I had written on my checklist, get some rest and hope for the best.

My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, we had such a ball and I had a smile planted on my face the whole day! Check out these faces!

Just Jess Story

The only thing we wished we had of done was hire an on-the-day coordinator to help us execute our wedding exactly how we had it planned. If we handed over the reigns, there would have been no interruptions from the caterers about mishaps or finding someone to light the damn candles or made sure our MC was keeping time and not schmoozing too much with the guests.


I wanted to make sure I reached out to all those brides or people out there who love planning and creating and let them know, yes you CAN DIY, I have total faith that you can orgnaise the whole shebang! But sometimes it’s just nice to talk out your visions with someone who is actually interested and gives a damn. Collaborate ideas, share Pinterest boards, delegate the boring stuff like run sheets and supplier confirmations, or just get someone on the day to display all your fabulous creations so you can enjoy that champers with mum and friends before you say ‘I DO’.

Think about your ideal day. Hair and make up with your besties, sipping champagne, having a cry with mum, getting photos of said cry and putting that gorgeous dress on and finally, marrying the man of your dreams.

Now, think about the actual day and how it usually goes… finding time to get to venue and set up, talking to your suppliers and make sure they are on schedule; dealing with last minute changes; constantly checking the weather, styling, candles, music, food, cars, seating arrangements… the list goes on. If only there was another version of yourself you could delegate this to.

And just like that, Just Jess was created! It’s just me and my love for collaboration, especially with those who are organised and love to plan, create but also want to enjoy their day and make it one they won’t regret.